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Tern is Scotland’s largest production company, with core competencies in television development and production, financial and contract management, and sales. However, it lacked a profile in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. Even after participating in group meetings with studios and networks, Tern had not succeeded in creating relationships or pitching business proposals when it approached Quinn Media Management for help.


To create new income streams through format sales, royalties, and U.S. production fees, we advised Tern in redrafting their television contracts to create ownership rights and exploitation opportunities, and prepared a feasibility study for supplying programming to the U.S. market.


Our research identified two successful reality/alternative programs for the U.S. market: How To Find a Husband in Ten Weeks and Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses.


Within a year, we assisted Tern in establishing relationships with twelve production companies and networks, pitching three shows and introducing Tern’s company and leadership.


The UK version of How to Find a Husband will air on the U.S. channel Fine Living beginning in April 2009, while five companies have requested we pitch a U.S. adaptation of the program using an American star. Meanwhile, using sales materials created for the American Market, Tern optioned SPA OF EMBARRASSING ILLNESSES to U.S. production company 44 Blue.