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QMM is an international media and television consulting and management company with more than 20 years working across talent agencies, media creators and producers, production services companies and international screen agencies. QMM’s currency is a combination of a deep bench roster of international industry relationships. This is combined with up-to-date knowledge about rapidly evolving entertainment industry conditions and practices in the US and important global media markets. Our goal is to create new revenue streams for clients. A plan of action involves strategic partnerships, taking advantage of U.S. markets or trends, creating new products, and boosting brand visibility. One-on-one meetings with key players is always incorporated into the client schedule.

What has been devasting news for certain sectors in the entertainment industry has resulted in booming business for others. QMM has been right there in the midst of swirling changes, advising clients and helping them to re-tool and refresh offerings. They are meeting current content distribution and content consumption patterns. In 2020 with the commencement of the COVID pandemic, what was considered a “screen” or a “network” forever changed. Today’s audiences are streaming bingers, vs. appointment TV viewers, and are happy to view content from many different “channels”, “networks” and “digital platforms” on screens of many sizes.

QMM Advises:

• Networks, broadcasters, cable, digital, streaming, podcasters
• Programming format owners and licensees
• Film and TV commissions, government-funded creative initiatives, and industry associations
• Media research organizations
• IP rightsholders (television formats, library content, books, legit theatre)
• Producers and production companies retooling content to import to the US market, as well as export to foreign buyers
• University level film and television schools

QMM’s relationships provide our clients the key things necessary to succeed in Hollywood and international creative content markets. Clients will understand the current landscape and have access to the right people to present their offerings. QMM navigates and negotiates deals. Access is combined with market data analytics, strategic planning, trend spotting, and delivers outstanding results for our clients.

Client Sizzle Reels

Genealogy Roadshow – PBS

TRC Delegation Sizzle Reel

Northern Ireland Screen Delegation Sizzle Reel

Take the Money and Run – BBC

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